Fresh coffee and instant coffee, which one is more beneficial?

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Coffee has become a daily drink for many people. Because of the intense aromatic taste You can also change the flavor according to your liking. Most importantly, eat and wake up! This is what’s important. On days when you’re feeling a bit sleepy, if you find bitter black coffee, go in and you’ll be guarant to wake up. Fresh coffee and instant coffee which is consider to be a drink that is widely popular around the world Found around the world drinking coffee as high as approximately 43 liters per person. Making it a huge commercial market.

Each cup of coffee has different nutritional values. It depends on the additional components that are add. But if it’s just coffee beans, it will contain nutrients such as antioxidants, potassium, sodium, calcium, and ทางเข้า ufabet, magnesium.

But in the case of black coffee For fresh coffee, there will be a certain amount of caffeine. and higher potassium than instant coffee But both fresh coffee and instant coffee have similar antioxidants. (depending on the coffee variety) So if it’s black coffee Nutrients are consider similar.

It is also rich in various antioxidants, but coffee’s most well-known substance is caffeine, which stimulates the brain and central nervous system. Helps to be energiz and prevent fatigue.

The amount of caffeine and other substances in coffee will be more or less depending on the variety and production process.

  • Espresso coffee has 64 milligrams of caffeine per 30 milliliters.
  • Instant coffee contains 24 milligrams of caffeine per 30 milliliters.

whether it’s fresh coffee. or instant coffee as powder brewed with hot water It’s important to choose coffee without sugar and creamer, or if you add fresh milk, you may get other protein. You may reduce your intake of caffeine and other nutrients. In addition, you should drink in moderation. You shouldn’t drink coffee before going to bed. And if you have too much caffeine addiction, you should reduce your drinking. Or if you really like the taste of coffee. You can choose to drink in decaf. Or coffee that has caffeine extracted instead as well.