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Vegetables that help reduce blood fat What can you choose to eat?

           To keep blood fat from being too high. We should choose to eat vegetables or herbs that help reduce blood fat as knowledge follows. 1. Okra           The soluble fiber in okra is a powerful weapon that helps reduce fat in our blood. This is because

Benefits of nuts, good things that you may have overlooked.

 Nuts are a plant-based protein source that health-conscious people can’t live without. Many people may think that these tiny seeds are only useful as a replacement for protein from meat. And can help control weight. But actually, these nuts have many benefits that we didn’t expect. Today, We

Benefits of black sesame. 

          Black sesame is considered a superfood with another type of health benefit. Therefore, we have seen that nowadays black sesame extract is used as a dietary supplement for many health purposes. The benefits of black sesame are as follows: 1. Relieve rheumatoid arthritis pain.           For people

How important is Iron? Is it dangerous if it’s missing?

          Iron is a group of water-soluble minerals. It is important in strengthening hemoglobin. which is an important component of red blood cells. And it serves to transport oxygen to various organs in the body. Therefore, if the body lacks, it may result in a decrease in blood