England 6-2 Iran: Dissecting 5 issues after the victory

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England 6-2 Iran: Dissecting 5 issues after the victory of the Roaring Lions opens the head of the World Cup.

Competition : FIFA World Cup 2022 Group Stage
Match Day: Monday 21 November 2022
Result: England 6-2 Iran
Stadium: Khalifa International Stadium

1. Sacrifice Beranvand from a terrible injury

Ali Ridha Beranwand accidentally bump into a teammate early in the game until. He was given lengthy first aid and was allow to continue playing until. He could not keep up with the post. A substitution reques sent off in the 20th minute of the game. As a

result of Beranwand’s injury and football regulations. The game was suspended for more than 10 minutes. first aid And also made the game protracted until 14 minutes of injury time in the first half causing criticism and controversy over the flexibility of rules like Allowing temporary substitutions in the event of a concussion to the head due to comments from Alan Shearer, for example.

Of course, the World Cup is a dream for footballers. But without life and a healthy body, the World Cup has no meaning. The increased quota from five to six may not be enough in the event of an incident like Beranwand.

2. Young players drive England

19-year-old Jude Bellingham took on a box-to-box role in central midfield, turning out to the opening goal scorer with shots deep into the box. Luke Shaw heads a cross into the bottom of the net. It is refer the first goal for the national team. And became the youngest player of the Roaring Lions to score in a World Cup game after Michael Owen (World Cup 1998)

While the third place was no other than Bukayo Saka. Who scored a goal in This game too at the age of 21 years and 78 days

3. England eat soft balls in the air

Where England clearly stood out from Iran in the first half was their ability to play the ball in the air, both from attacking crosses on the flanks. And playing set-pieces, opening the ball to win in the penalty area

Gareth Southgate’s team members warned loudly from Harry Maguire’s header that hit the crossbar seriously while the score was still equal. 0-0 before they had a wide open goal from Bellingham’s header, followed by a 2-0 which came from Maguire’s header, allowing Saka to bounce into the net and 3-0 first. The first half ended with Kane’s cross giving Raheem Sterling a tap-in that gave them a carefree play in the second half.

4. Maguire brings confidence

Harry Maguire in the England draft looks like a different person to the club. The more you play, the more confident you will be. Shake off the image of a clumsy centre-back without a trace. Starting from using the strength of playing the ball in the air in both offensive and defensive games. There is a beautiful moment to cut the ball in the last area to as the starting point for passing the ball. Which leads to a quick counterattack to win the goal.

Unfortunately, Maguire was unable to complete the full 90 minutes. When he was substituted in the 70th minute with a head injury suspected.

5. Roaring Lion, Outclass

British and Iranian standards are gradually being revealed. Over time Starting with teamwork style of play understanding of players’ movements to receive the ball. To the individual skills when faced with a one-on-one duel. Three Lions were clearly superior to the point of scoring goal after goal.

The distance between the English players was also shown on the substitute bench. When Marcus Rashford’s first touch. After being substituted immediately turned into a goal. While the 6-1 goal was still caused by the body. Substitute Jack Grealish, who tapped Callum Wilson’s ball into the bottom of the net.