England open their heads to chase Iran outclass 6-2 World Cup

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England open their heads to chase Iran outclass 6-2 World Cup.

England kicked off the Qatar 2022 World Cup in luxury with a 6-2 victory over Iran thanks to goals from Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka (2 goals), Raheem Sterling Marcus Rashford and Jack Grealish

The game started with an injury stroke of the Iranian goalkeeper Ali Ridar Beranvand. Colliding with teammates until he needed first aid for a long time until. He could not continue playing until he had to substituted from the field in the 20th minute.

the Lion Army . Roaring in the 35th minute from the start of the game on the left by Luke Shaw Cross from the edge of the line to Bellingham’s head in the penalty area, soaring, Iran’s goalie type has no right to save

Gareth’s team. Southgate soared to 2-0 from a series of strokes, a corner kick that Harry Maguire had headed for Saka to bounce all the way into the penalty area. The ball hit hard before going down under the crossbar and tucked into the bottom of the net

The Three Lions left 3-0 minutes away at 45 + 1 from the game on the right side. Harry Kane ripped out to receive the ball on the edge of the line before opening. Let Sterling tap-in In the penalty area and finished the first half with the score

The game in the second half continue in the same direction, with England escaping 4-0 in the 62nd minute after taking Saka creeping ball on the right side into the penalty area. Before cutting in. Shot through the Iranian defensive line and ended up at the bottom of the net. Before representatives from Asia came to score the goal, breaking the egg into 4-1 in the 65th minute from the timing of the full-foot finish in the penalty area of ​​Mehdi Taremi.

a substitute. of England gradually entered the field in the 70th minute. When Marcus Rashford’s first ball catch was a single shot drop from Ken’s killer pass. Falling into the goal to lure the target into a 5-1 goal followed by a goal from Jack K Grealish. Another substitute in the 90th minute from Callum Wilson’s cross in the penalty area, made it 6-1

Iran scored another consolation goal in the 90th + 13th minute when the referee considered V. AR awarded a penalty when John Stones yank Iran’s shirt down in the penalty area. Which was missed by Taremi.