grade the player England national team, World Cup debut game

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grade the player England national team, World Cup debut game, thrashed Iran 6-2: Player Ratings

England national team scores

Jordan Pickford – 7
Had an early stroke, made one nice save in added time to round off the tip of Azmoon’s shot, but before that he had almost nothing to do because the 2 goals lost were out of rights. safe

Harry Maguire – 8
outstanding defensive performances At this ridge, it is especially still. In addition, there is a fair part in the offensive game, there is a rhythm to hit the beam and made one assist for Saka.

John Stones – 7
Defensively, Maguire’s legs are quite good, keeping the ball out of the back. Knocks the ball up in front of the hole well without any mistakes. But it was the person who made the penalty at the end that pulled the Iranian players down into the penalty area.

Kieran Trippier – 7
Plays with the ball often on the starboard side. There are good remedial moments in tight spaces, but today the long ball stroke still lacks precision.

Luke Shaw – 7
Stand tall on the starboard side. Played quite a lot of roles early in the game, getting 1 assist from the opening for Bellingham to strike the first goal.

Declan Rice – 7
Keeps the game in midfield. serves to connect the ball to connect the game from the backcourt But today there are still some moments that easily lose the ball.

Jude Bellingham – 8
Standing taller than Rice, he plays quite a lot in attack by linking the play from midfield to the front. Made one goal from a beautiful strike, an opening door for the team in this game.

Mason Mount – 6
Today, the role with the team is quite small. Keep knocking the ball to connect the game with teammates. but still not have much impact

Raheem Sterling – 8
Today looks quite confident playing, has some beautiful rhythms, and also scores 1 goal and 1 assist as well.

Bukayo Saka – 8
prominent roles on the right flank At the beginning of the game, he was sandwiched, but after catching the rhythm, he performed well and scored 2 goals in today’s game.

Harry Kane – 8
Even today is not named as a goal scorer. But the personal work is quite good. Keeping the ball in the front and stepping down to be a playmaker to build teammates until they get 2 beautiful assists in today’s game