Messi is furiously ready to go through his own final World Cup.

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Messi is furiously ready to go through his own final World Cup.

Lionel Messi Argentine Star believes he is in a prime time to prepare for his final World Cup.

The 35-year-old Argentine star is about to play for his fifth World Cup and he thinks this will be his last. Which in the past, Argentina in his era has gone as far as runner-up in the world championship in 2014 

“It has the potential to be my last World Cup. Last chance with the ultimate dream that I have My physical condition is very good now. I think I’m in great shape both physically and mentally, and I haven’t had any issues. I heard the news that someone said that I practiced separately. because I have pain but it’s nothing It was just a precautionary preparation.”

Argentina just achieved last year’s Copa America trophy and they’re in a great season. There are many non-Argentine fans who want to see them win the World Cup.

“It is beautiful to hear that so many people outside of Argentina want us to win the World Cup. and mostly because of me I am very pleased to receive so much love from all over the world during my time playing football. and here in Qatar is another example. But I don’t know if we will go further than in the past World Cups. But we just won the Copa America and that gives us confidence.”

Argentina is in Group C. They will open the field against Saudi Arabia, with Mexico and Poland joining this group.