The former Everton man is confident that the appeal

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Former Everton chief executive Keith Wynes says he is confident the chances of an appeal against the 10-point Premier League deduction will be positive and thinks the club may get all their points back.

It is expected that the outcome of Everton ‘s appeal against a 10-point. Deduction – the largest deduction in the history. Of England’s top flight. Will be officially announce this week

. Ness, who used to be the executive chairman of “Everton” in 2004-2009 believes that the results will be in a good direction. ufabet

“I am confident that the results will be positive as Valentine’s Day approaches. Hopefully it will be more of a bouquet of roses than the thorns we’ve had recently. “

I think there are some signs of a slight change in media reporting on good results for Ever. Tan”

“Lawrence Rabinowitz, the new attorney overseeing the appeals, presented weighty information. What’s interesting is that many clubs have been told not to comment during the process. But the Premier League issued a press release outlining their findings the night before the appeal. “

I think the league is really in a mess and the results The good thing is to lower the cutoff score. It might even be possible to get the points back and replace them with a ban.”

“I think there might be a fine paid instead of a deduction. That is the only way the Premier League can save some people here from the mess they have created.”